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Dento Piano Cafe & Bar, established in SOMA in 2024, was founded by DJ and Monica, a registered nurse and pianist/piano teacher in the Bay Area. Our establishment is dedicated to providing a welcoming atmosphere to all our customers, with a focus on exceptional coffee, wine, sake, and live piano music. Our mission is to ensure that every customer feels special and happy every day. We cordially invite you to visit us to experience the perfect blend of music and refreshments.

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Dento Coffee

Our Dento Coffee offers specialty pastries and signature coffee from the Equator. 

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Dento Wine & Sake

Situated in the Heart of the Soma on Folsom Street, Dento Wine Bar invites you to Join us at our Warm & Vibrant Sake & Craft Beer Bar. Immerse Yourself Into Our Exclusive Energetic Beverage Service & Signature Small Bites.

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